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Instagram Marketing 
For Beauty Pros

Hi friend! 👋

If you're landing on this page, 
I hope you enjoyed my interview with Lisa on the Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations podcast. That episode tells a lot of my story and gives you a look into who I am as a person & hairstylist, and this page will give you the details on what I'm currently up to and how we can potentially work together!

When I stopped working behind the chair, my career shifted into the world of education. I primarily work with beauty professionals and teach them everything I know about Instagram marketing for their own businesses.
My #1 goal is to help you be consistent with your Instagram marketing - but in a way that isn't going to burn you out! I'm all about setting realistic expectations for yourself and creating sustainable practices with your marketing.

If you've been needing some guidance and accountability with your Instagram marketing, I would love to work with you! Here are some of the ways we can work together ⬇️

Paid Offers:

The Reel Stylist Membership

A $9.99 monthly subscription that's hosted through Instagram. 

Though this membership was only just created in August of 2023, the Resource Library inside the membership already has a lot of content in it! My long term goal for the Reel Stylist Membership is for it to be like the Netflix of Instagram education. I plan to continue releasing monthly trainings, PDF resources, 1 on 1 support, etc. so that it continues to be packed full of valuable content for stylists to easily tap in to anytime they want.

If you'd like to check out or join the Reel Stylist Membership, the button below will take you to my Instagram profile where you can get signed up by hitting the "SUBSCRIBE" button under my bio!

1 on 1 Consulting Calls

If you're wanting more 1 on 1 guidance and help, book a consulting call! The button below will take you to my consulting services page which will give you all the details on my consulting packages and their prices.

Instagram Profile Audit

Feeling like your Instagram profile could use some fine tuning, but not sure where to even start? Consider booking a profile audit! I'll comb through your profile (pun intended 😉), jot down all my notes and recommendations, and go over everything with you in a mini coaching call.

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