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The 3 Fundamentals You Need To Create Effortless Reels

Why Your Reels Aren't Working:

Learn to create a Reels content strategy that will give you 100% confidence in what you're posting, save you hours of time each week, and eliminate your struggles with showing up consistently in your salon's marketing.


How To Consistently Create & Post Reels That Attract Your Dream Clients Without Sacrificing Hours Of Your Spare Time

(Times are listed in your current time zone, but email reminders will be in EST)

Here's some of what you'll get:

The Secret To Showing Up Authentically & Confidently
in your salon's marketing

The Ideal Client Conversion Content Strategy
that will turn new views into new guest requests overnight.

The Content Consistency Accelerator 
that will keep you accountable to posting Reels consistently, while relieving stress and saving time.



"I know Reels are the best way to market my business, but I don't have any spare time to put towards making them."


Having a system in place that breaks the process of planning & creating Reels down into bite sized pieces will save you hours of time each week.

(Times are listed in your current time zone, but email reminders will be in EST)


"I post Reels, but they don't get great engagement or new client leads, so I don't put a lot of effort into them."

Narrowing down who you are trying to reach and understanding what kind of content they want to see will allow you to curate each Reel to your dream client.


Of course it does! Without specific topics to draw content inspiration from, it makes coming up with Reel ideas extremely overwhelming. I'm going to show you how to create content categories that will give you limitless topic ideas!

"Coming up with original Reel ideas week after week is a constant struggle, and it overwhelms me to even think about."


What People Are Saying...

"Kaitlyn is lovely to work with and explains things very well. During the process, I could feel the weight and overwhelm of social media being lifted off my shoulders, and now I'm excited about creating new content for my audience!"
- Anna

"Kaitlyn is the Reels queen! Her step-by-step examples and prompts have made Reels so much easier to understand and create"
- Alannah

"Kaitlyn is an educator that doesn't make you feel pressured to keep up with the influencer world but actually helps you to create a strategy that works well for speaking to your market and gaining real clients, while not feeling overwhelmed in the process!"

"I am not very tech savvy and I don't enjoy being in front of the camera... but Kaitlyn has helped me stop overthinking everything and just lean into what is comfortable. With her help, I can get out of my head and have the confidence to finally post these Reels."
- Kristen

  • Will you be making any of my content for me with either of these packages?
    No. My services are purely consultation based to help you brainstorm and come up with post ideas, strategies for long-term growth, and discuss things that could be done to improve your marketing game.
  • Can I ask you questions outside of the scheduled consulting calls during the package's time period?
    You can absolutely email me or shoot me a DM on Instagram to ask any questions, but additional support outside of our consulting calls is not an included part of either of the consulting packages. Should you need to contact me outside of our calls, you will not be guaranteed a response within any certain amount of time. I will respond to your questions when I am able to do so.
  • Is there an option to have you make some of my content for me?
    No, at this time I am not offering services within the realm of individual business social media management.
  • Is this for independent & commission stylists only, or can salon teams use these services too?
    My services are geared around making strategies and plans for one individual person to utilize, but salon teams could still receive great benefit from the strategies and content plans that I coach to during consulting calls.
  • I'm not a hairstylist. Can I still work with you?
    I am happy to work with you even if you are not a hairstylist, but please keep in mind that my specialty is the hairstylist industry as I am a licensed cosmetologist and best understand the ins and outs of the cosmetology industry. The strategies that I recommend and coach to are universal for any industry, but as far as coming up with specific content for you to post goes - I might not be as helpful.
  • Does either package have a payment plan option?
    Not currently, no. In an attempt to keep processing fees lower for both you and me, I am not currently offering payment plans for either package.

A Note From Kaitlyn...

I know that keeping up with Instagram marketing for your behind the chair business is no small task, and I completely understand how overwhelming it can be.

Which is why I've put together a simple strategy to help save you time on coming up with content ideas & to help you post Reels more consistently with less overwhelm and less frustration.

This is the same strategy that I use for my own content creation and Reels, and I can't wait to share it with you!

If you're ready to start saving hours of time each week, reduce the overwhelm from social media, and start having fun with your marketing - this is your golden opportunity!

(Times are listed in your current time zone, but email reminders will be in EST)

(Times are listed in your current time zone)

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