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Content Categories For Beauty Pros 💇‍♀️

As promised, here is a more in depth explanation of each Content Category Example from my Instagram Post

👉 PLUS 5 more BONUS examples!


1. Salon showcase

This category could include post ideas like:

  • A tour of the salon

  • Your favorite spot in the salon

  • A 'Break Room Confession' where you talk about anything you want from inside your break room

  • Navigation posts - i.e. where can your guests park, where can they put their belongings, is there a reception area, etc.

➡️ The whole idea behind the salon showcase is to get your viewers more familiar with the space that they might potentially be spending a lot of time in *wink wink*


2. Guest Experience

This category could include post ideas like:

  • Sharing unique amenities that you offer

  • A close up look at your luxurious shampoo experience

  • Seasonal drinks & snacks showcase

  • Yours or your guests' favorite part of your guest experience

➡️ The guest experience category is the place where you can shamelessly humble brag about your set up! Anything and everything that makes your guest experience unique and/or extra dreamy should be getting shared on Instagram. Guest experience is a HUGE selling point for clients, so don't skip out on sharing about yours!


3. Product Knowledge

This category could include post ideas like:

  • Answering FAQs about a popular product

  • Featuring your personal favorite product

  • Tutorials on how to use specific products correctly

  • Sharing why products aren't a "one size fits all" situation and that each head of hair will have different product needs from the rest

➡️ The product knowledge category is where you can really flex your knowledge for your product line, potentially make some extra retail sales, and most importantly build trust with your viewers. Potential clients like knowing that you are well educated on how you can help them with their specific hair needs, and sharing product knowledge is a fantastic way to show that you're the right stylist for them!


4. Tutorials

This category is practically limitless, but could include post ideas like:

  • Easy 5 minute styles for the busy [insert adjective]

  • How to properly hold/use a curling iron (or hot tool of your choice)

  • Holiday Hair Inspiration

  • How to clean your hair brushes at home

➡️ The sky is truly the limit with the tutorials category. Depending on your specialty, you can dive deep into specific tutorials that will most relate with your ideal client. Tutorials are one of my personal favorites because they are generally something you can film pretty easily (because you likely already do them on a day to day basis as is), and they are one of the easiest ways to add MAJOR value to your content!



..... in case you were wondering 😉


5. Personality

This category could include post ideas like:

  • Why you specialize in your specific specialty

  • An 'About Me' post

  • Sharing about your hobbies or things you get up to outside of work

  • Something each and every client can expect from you whenever they sit in your chair 👉 Do you crack jokes? Are you a Love Is Blind fanatic? What's something you tend to do or talk about with just about every client?

➡️ You might think this category is silly, but it is actually one of the most important categories for you to have!

For two reasons actually...

#1 is that most stylists still don't show their personality or share anything about themselves in their marketing, so you doing it will make your content more unique. And #2 is that potential new clients actually give a sh*t about who you are as a person and not just as someone that does good hair!

I mean, think about it... These people are signing up to spend several hours with you and a semi-regular basis. Wouldn't you want to know if you will or will not get along with someone when making the decision to book an appointment with them?

Food for thought 😉


6. Specialty Related

This category is self explanatory, but could include post ideas like:

  • FAQs about your specialty

  • Why you don't do services outside of your specialty

  • Before & After transformations

  • Bust a myth or common misconception about your specialty

➡️ You chose your specialty for a reason, right? So why not share those reasons in your posts! The specialty category can be both informative and a way to show off your work. It's a win-win!


7. Local Community

I'm willing to bet that this category confused the hell out of you when you saw my post on Instagram, so allow me to explain...

➡️ Something that very few stylists do is acknowledge the city/town/village that they are located in!! It's such a missed opportunity to not talk about your community in your posts because it not only opens up opportunities to collaborate with local business & chat about local events, it also is an extremely easy way to get more eyes on your page!

Some post ideas for this category could include:

  • Your favorite local store to shop at and why

  • Share about upcoming events happening and if you're going to be there

  • A 'Have you tried this new place yet' post for anytime a new restaurant or coffee shop opens up

  • A collaboration, giveaway, or silent auction that you're teaming up on with other local businesses to promote something

It doesn't matter how big or small your community is, there is always something that you can post about. So don't sleep on this one! 👀




Bonus #1 - Client Showcase

This category is also self explanatory, but could include post ideas like:

  • Client interview - why they love coming to see you

  • Before & After transformations

  • What a consultation with you looks like

  • What [specialty related] problems you solves for a specific clients

➡️ There is so much more to this category than just posting before and after pictures of the back of your clients' heads. Get creative and let your clients help you do some of the heavy lifting with your Instagram marketing!


Bonus #2 - Behind The Scenes

This category could include post ideas like:

  • "Come open the salon with me"

  • What you get up to in between clients (cleaning, laundry, lunch break, etc.)

  • A 'Color Bar Experience' - video of you mixing color and explaining in the audio or caption what your desired end results are

  • Admin Day - what kind of work do you do when you're not behind the chair? (trip to supply store, bookkeeping, social media, etc.)

➡️ I personally love the behind the scenes category because it gives the viewer a sense of excitement to watch. Like "ohhh boy, I've always wondered what they're doing while my color is processing!"

Not to mention, behind the scenes content is super easy to collect, because you can just set your camera up in any random area, hit record, and get on with your tasks!


Bonus #3 Team Spotlight

If you work in a team based salon, this category has your name written all over it! Post ideas for this category could include:

  • Meet the team (as a whole)

  • Individual team member spotlight + mini bio about them

  • Team building activities or trips that you take

  • Spontaneous team member interviews on the salon floor (I'm sure you've seen the "show me 5 inches" videos going around)

➡️ If you're running a salon page for a team based salon, it's most important to share the team aspect of the business! Getting to know all of the stylists and a little bit about their personalities is a huge factor in people wanting to patron your salon, so make sure they are the stars of your Instagram show!


Bonus #4 FAQs

This category can't get much more self explanatory, but some post ideas for this could include:

  • "The #1 most Frequently Asked Question I get from my clients is..."

  • What's a question that is NOT frequently asked, but that you wish WAS?

  • "About Me FAQs" - you know the drill. Every single new guest that sits in your chair asks you these questions - answer them in a post so you can avoid the first appointment monotony 🫠

➡️ FAQs are a great category to lean in on because just like the name says, they are questions that are asked frequently! Take note of some of the things clients ask you during their appointments (whether work related or personal) and answer their questions in a post! Odds are that if 2-3 people ask the question, others are wondering the same thing.


Bonus #5 Testimonials

➡️ This is another self explanatory category, but don't just let this be a 'throw away' category! Get creative with how you share your client testimonials!

Don't just throw up a generic Canva graphic with the standard "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" box of text and call it a day. That's super boring and will typically get pretty low engagement.

Some unique testimonial ideas could be something like:

  • A video of you doing that specific clients hair in the background and have their review displayed on-screen while the video plays

  • An over-the-shoulder video of you physically writing your clients' testimonials on a cute piece of paper or post-it note

  • A carousel that starts with a picture of your clients face after an appointment with you (or better yet, a selfie of you both together), and the second slide is their testimonial

I promise there are ways to get creative with sharing testimonials, so please don't be lazy with this category if you choose it for your marketing 😬


PHEW! 😮‍💨

I genuinely hope you took a break somewhere in there as you were reading, because that was a tremendous amount of information 😅

Well I guess I won't drag this out any further because, you know... you just read a light novel 😂

I hope this article was helpful for you and that you are feeling more confident about the Content Categories that you want to roll with in your Instagram Marketing moving forward!

See you next time 🫶

- Kaitlyn

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